He was a brilliant man who was pushed into some bad places but always tried to come out with positive ideas…I hope this [the film] will do a great service to his legacy. He was a compassionate, caring individual and I hope the film shows him in 3D. He was brave and humorous — and a really beautiful writer of the most amazing poetry… The science is so complicated it’s extraordinarily difficult to grasp. That is pure acting. But in those buildings you soak up a bit of the history, which is very important. It was an amazing experience just being there.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Alan Turing and working on “The Imitation Game” (x)

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Q thank you for making this blog! it's beautiful, and i cannot wait for the movie! it's going to be amazing; i can feel it in my bones!!! (theconsultinghusbands)

Oh, it’s our pleasure to share the excitement with everyone. We too have a good feeling about it. =) Glad you like the blog!

- MagZ

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The Imitation Game (2014) 

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" I’m just a mathematician…"

" I’m just a mathematician…"

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing

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The Imitation Game. (x)

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Enigma allowed an operator to type in a message, then scramble it by using three to five notched wheels, or rotors, which displayed different letters of the alphabet. The receiver needed to know the exact settings of these rotors in order to reconstitute the coded text. Over the years the basic machine became more complicated as German code experts added plugs with electronic circuits.

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The Imitation Game - Official UK Teaser (x)

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The Imitation Game will open the 58th BFI London Film Festival

The 58th BFI London Film Festival, in partnership with American Express®, is delighted to announce that this year’s Opening Night film will be The Imitation Game, a dramatic portrayal of the life and work of Alan Turing, one of Britain’s most extraordinary unsung heroes, and one of the world’s greatest innovators.
The film will receive its European premiere on Wednesday 8 October at the Odeon Leicester Square with a live cinecast from the red carpet and simultaneous screenings taking place at cinemas across the UK. Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, and director Morten Tyldum are expected to attend the London event.

The pioneer of modern-day computing, Turing is credited with cracking the German Enigma code and the film is a nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team at Britain’s top-secret code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II. Turing, whose contributions and genius significantly shortened the war, saving thousands of lives, was the eventual victim of an unenlightened British establishment, but his work and legacy live on.

Clare Stewart, BFI London Film Festival Director, comments:

We are thrilled to announce one of the most anticipated films of the year – The Imitation Game – as this year’s BFI London Film Festival Opening Night gala. Featuring extraordinary performances from the British talent in front of the camera and vividly directed by Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game does cinematic justice to Alan Turing’s vision, determination and personal story as well as his enduring impact on British history and contemporary life.

Director Morten Tyldum comments:

I am thrilled to be returning to London to share The Imitation Game with the audience of the BFI London Film Festival. The experience of directing this film has been so tremendously rewarding, and I am humbled to share Alan Turing’s incredible story on Opening Night.

Producer Teddy Schwarzman comments:

We are truly honoured that The Imitation Game will be opening the 58th BFI London Film Festival. The film, shot in various locations throughout England, tells the story of an incredibly gifted yet unsung British hero. We look forward to sharing this film with audiences across the country, and couldn’t imagine our European Premiere anywhere but London

The Imitation Game stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness, TV’s Sherlock) and Keira Knightley (Atonement) as close friend and fellow code-breaker Joan Clarke, alongside a top notch cast including Matthew Goode (A Single Man), Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Rory Kinnear (Skyfall), Charles Dance (Gosford Park, TV’s Game of Thrones), Allen Leech (In Fear, TV’s Downton Abbey) and Matthew Beard (An Education).

Norwegian filmmaker Morten Tyldum, 2012 BAFTA nominee for Headhunters, directs from a screenplay by Graham Moore, based on the book “Alan Turing: The Enigma” by Andrew Hodges. Black Bear Pictures’ Teddy Schwarzman produces alongside Bristol Automotive’s Nora Grossman and Ido Ostrowsky, with Moore as executive producer and Peter Heslop (The King’s Speech) as co-producer. Behind-the-camera talent includes director of photography Óscar Faura (The Impossible), editor William Goldenberg (three time Oscar® nominee and winner for Argo), production designer Maria Djurkovic (BAFTA nominee Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ (Kick-Ass), hair and make-up designer Ivana Primorac (six time BAFTA nominee including Anna Karenina), casting director Nina Gold (Les Miserables) and composer Alexandre Desplat (six time Oscar® nominee including Argo).

FilmNation Entertainment is overseeing international distribution. STUDIOCANAL release the film in UK cinemas on 14 November, 2014.

The 58th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express runs from Wednesday 8 October-Sunday 19 October. The full programme for the Festival will be announced on Wednesday 3 September.

http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/announcements/imitation-game-will-open-58th-bfi-london-film-festival (via londonphile)

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